The Newgate Real Estate and Infrastructure Fund is a long/short strategy that exploits inefficiencies in the real estate and infrastructure securities market.
The objective is to generate an after fee return of 10-12% per annum return over the medium to long term with volatility lower than that of the broader equities market.

Fund Facts

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Product Disclosure

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Selective Universe

The Fund seeks to generate returns from securities that deliver income from low risk sources. Typical underlying investments are office assets, retail shopping centres, industrial real estate, airports, ports, toll roads, rail and utilities based around water, electricity and gas.

Fund Performance

Since its inception on July 1st 2013 the Fund has achieved its objective, delivering investors a +11% annualised return with observed volatility of just 6.5%. This return is significantly more than that of the broader equities market, and importantly with substantially less volatility.

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