Proud member of the Alternative Investment Management Association

About us

Newgate Capital Partners is an alternatives investment management company founded with the objective of providing high net worth individuals, family offices and specialist institutions with differentiated investment strategies.
We are seeking to offer our clients exposures to investment opportunities that provide a return profile less correlated to the volatility of the equities and credit markets than traditional asset classes. To achieve this goal, we provide our investors with strategies that genuinely heighten diversification.


We are focused on offering differentiated, alternative investment strategies

Risk Awareness:

Newgate has a culture of risk management. We understand risk can materialise in many different forms and therefore we monitor risk in many different fashions


We are transparent and offer open communication with our investors. We provide regular updates of our market views and the performance of our strategies. We seek dialogue with our investment partners


Newgate exists under a robust operational infrastructure and ensure strict adherence to our compliance regime. We have in place third party monitoring and oversight to act as further layer of governance. Administration and custodianship of fund assets is held with high quality and independent parties


Newgate Capital Partners is wholly owned by the Executives of the company.

We will only offer our clients investment opportunities that we have invested in personally. We must fundamentally believe that we are offering a sound risk reward proposition to our investors. This belief is backed by genuine economic alignment.

Please contact us if you are a wholesale investor and would like to learn more about our investment strategies.